Best Equipment Ideas for Your Home Gym 2022

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Searching for the best home gym equipment ideas can be more exhausting than an actual work out.

Every website and retail giant seems to be promising the same amazing results with their ‘unique’ pieces of gym equipment. Suddenly your hearts pounding and you’re feeling totally overwhelmed with too many options!

Achieving your health and fitness goals like weight loss, toning those flabby bits and staying motivated around your busy shift work schedule should not be this hard!

You, after all, are the smart shift worker who’s clever enough to realize that you can save a ton of money and time by skipping the hefty monthly direct debit payment at the gym and saving a little less on gas!

However, we have done the leg work for you here (you can’t skip leg day right?) and have found the very best home gym equipment ideas for busy shift workers like you. 

Achieving your weight loss goals and toning up that wobbly skin around your belly is just a few steps away from the couch.

What Makes Home Gyms so Great?

You can check out our blog, ‘15 Key Reasons for Shift Workers to Ditch the Gym and Start Exercising at Home’ for our full rundown on why this method really works.

Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People | 15 Reasons For Shift Workers to Ditch The Gym And Start Exercising At Home

But in summary, it allows for busy shift workers to still maintain their health and fitness around work.

If you’ve just woken from night shift and it’s 3 pm, do you really want to listen to the guy who grunts continuously at the gym?

Or, do you want to perform a small circuit in your lounge room or back patio wearing whatever you want? I know what I’d prefer. 

Or, maybe you’ve just arrived home late from a hectic morning/1st/early shift meaning you’re not going to make the spin class on time. Why not stream YouTube through your TV,  jump on your stationary bike and complete the same workout?

Home gyms allow us to maximize every minute of our day. Minutes aren’t lost in driving to the gym, nor are there any more excuses because the ‘gyms closed.’

As a shift worker, our home gym is the reason why my jeans still fit and I have the energy and motivation to work night shift and juggle whatever life throws at me. 
Sports shoes with phone and towel. Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People.

Negatives to a Home Workout

We want you to achieve your health goals.

If that’s wanting to lose 5 pounds so your flight attendant skirt is more comfortable during those long hall shifts or changing your ways because you ALWAYS get sick while working night shift – it is possible and we want to help you get there.

I particularly enjoy working out at home and believe you don’t need a fancy personal trainer or a massive direct debit coming out of bank account every week to make that happen.  

BUT… You need you to be aware of the traps to working out at home so you know what to look for when things get tough and you want to quit. 

Here are the red flags you may discover in your home that keep you from losing weight and reaching your health and fitness goals:


 Everything in your home can become a distraction if you let it. Yes, even the washing and emptying the bins can seem therapeutic!

Have a think about what distracts get you the most and write them down. Seeing them on paper can help with eliminating your triggers. Work out ways to limit these distractions so you can work out, stress-free.

For example:

You want the house super clean and all you can see every time you sit up during a crunch is a complete mess. That’s a real distraction which needs addressing.  

If this sounds like your kind of problem, either clean before your workout or exercise in a separate clean space. 

Stay away from areas where kids are playing or foods cooking. Consider spaces like the garage/carport/outside/spare room.

Man lifting weights in garage. Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People.

Lack of Motivation 

We often hear people saying they need the gym atmosphere and social pressure to stay and perform their entire scheduled workout and not ‘pull in the pin’ early

Some need a personal trainer or even a group class so they don’t simply walk out and go home when things get hard or they ‘have things to do’. 

I totally respect this brutal honesty and insight into what works for you.

Sometimes working out and doing exercise surrounded by other like-minded people is exactly what I need and my home gym just doesn’t cut it. 

There will be times when you’ll feel like this and we want you to be prepared for it. It could be after a busy early shift where you’re mentally exhausted and just want to sleep or you’ve woken from nights and are desperate for some social interaction. 

Be prepared by:
  • Using YouTube and having a streaming device like the brilliant Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice RemoteOpens in a new tab. already connected. Find a personal trainer on a channel of your liking and replicate their circuit or workout in your lounge room. Turn up the volume so you can’t hear your own puffing and follow their voice.
Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Alexa remote
See it HERE on Amazon
  • Purchase a workout DVD or stream your favorite yoga channel to your TV.

I personally turn to, ‘Yoga with Adrienne‘ and highly recommend you do the same if you’re a beginner or even an advanced yogi.

I don’t receive any incentive or payment for mentioning her name, I simply think she’s the bomb. Here is a sneak peek:

  •  Invite a friend over in advance (eg. after an early shift) and workout with them.  – You can’t quit on them or else you’re a bad friend, plus it’s fun, added inspiration. 
  •  Find a fitness app like Couch to 5k, My Fitness Pal and 7-Minute Butt Workout. These app’s could be just the inspiration you need.

Scared of the Initial Set up Cost

It is true that setting up a home gym, in the beginning, will cost more than the average monthly gym membership – but not by much. 

You don’t need the really fancy equipment to achieve your weight loss goals. Yea, it can make the journey a little quicker, as more advanced machines can target dedicated areas, but you can get a solid workout with limited equipment purchase.

The initial cost obviously depends greatly on your choice of gym equipment, your budget and space to work within your home.

Setting up your home gym doesn’t have to break the bank but it WILL save you money in the long term. 

Here is how you can save money by using your everyday household items in your workout. 
  • Socks – Make for incredible sliders
  • Cans of food/bottles of water, wine, juice – Ideal weights
  • Dining room chair – Great for step-up exercises
  • Textbooks/heavy household items – Make for the perfect medicine ball
  • Gutter/stairs – Excellent for step-up exercise and calf raises
  • Couch – Abdominal work out
home-fitness-equipment- Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People.

3 Bonus Tips for Creating the Most Epic Motivational Home Gym

1. Create a space you actually want to workout in

  • Are you comfortable?
  • Is there enough space? Or, are you wedged between the couch and the wall?
  • Is it visually pleasing and you want to stay working out for an hour or two? Or, is it dusty, musky and cold and you can’t wait to leave?
  • Is there any natural light? Or, do you feel like your trapped back at the office with no windows

Answer these questions honestly and make changes if you’re uncomfortable or just ‘not feeling it’. Set yourself up to be successful in your home gym.

Dedicate One Area to Workout In

There are a few reasons why this is important.

Firstly, it ensures you have all your equipment in one place and you don’t need to conduct a search party every time you want to workout.

Secondly, it allows your brain to make the connection that you’re wanting to work out. Like wearing blue light blocking glasses at night tells your brain you’re ready for sleep.

Spare bedrooms, your home office, the back porch or patio, and even the garage/carports are great open spaces and make for the perfect home gym.

The living room can be tricky if the family is home and secondly there is a tone of distractions in there!

But, it can absolutely double as an exercise room if you are pushed for space and by making sure you limit those distractions we spoke about earlier.

Buy products you know how to use and can be modified as you become fitter, stronger and healthier

If you were to go to the gym right now, how many products could you confidently use with the correct technique? I know. I too avoid about 30% of the machines at the gym because they look so complicated I need a manual to use them.

Make sure when you’re purchasing home gym equipment you know how to use it to its full potential. Understand how to make changes in regards to weight and recommended reps.  

Don’t get fooled into buying the premium product if you can’t use it once it’s in your lounge room. 

Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas to lose weight + Tone Your Body for busy shift workers

Cardio Home Gym Equipment Ideas

Jump Rope

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more intense, cheaper, quicker workout than jumping rope.

This extremely simple workout boosts your cardio and endurance and helps to burn tons of calories in little time. Just watch the roof and the low hanging lights!

Having a jump rope in your home gym is a must-have especially if you’re short on time and travel a lot for work. It’s portable enough to be taken on any job! 

Here are our favorite ropes and top-sellers on Amazon. 
Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. jump rope
See it HERE on Amazon

We love the KING ATHLETIC Jump RopeOpens in a new tab. because of the padded, adjustable handles, the speed of the rope and the fact it comes with x2 FREE ebooks!

Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. jump rope
See it HERE on Amazon

On the other hand, we also get a killer workout from the WOD Nation Speed Jump RopeOpens in a new tab.. It’s easily customizable, is super fast and comes not only with a lifetime guarantee but also a spare rope!

Treadmill/Exercise Bike

Get your heart pumping, body moving and muscles warm with an amazing piece of durable cardio equipment.

If you’re setting up a home gym and you’re pushed for space, choose your single favorite product and don’t feel pressured to buy both. 

I wanted to show you what’s available so you can create the perfect home gym to suit YOUR needs. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. exercise bike-
See it HERE on Amazon

Exerpeutic Magnetic Upright Bike Opens in a new a hugely popular stationary bike for home gyms because it can be folded away and allows users to sit upright, preventing back strain. Plus, it comes with an accurate pulse reader and and very comfortable seat. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. exercise bike-
Check it out HERE

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling BikeOpens in a new tab. is perfect for those wanting to mimic a spin class. This smooth ride allows users to quickly change the resistance, stand up and even sprint. Easily adjustable seat and handlebars make this a perfect addition to your home gym.  

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Treadmill
See it HERE on Amazon

Smart Digital Folding Exercise MachineOpens in a new tab. is perfect for a small home gym. It can be easily folded, has a small tread and is not excessively long taking up too much space.  It comes with a fitness app which keeps track of your pulse, calories, distance and time.

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Treadmill
See it HERE on Amazon

Goyouth 2 in 1 Under Desk TreadmilOpens in a new tab.lOpens in a new tab. is ideal for the busiest of shift workers wanting to incorporate work and an active lifestyle. It not only saves time but also improves posture and tells users the distance traveled, calories burned and your step count.

Strength Home Gym Equipment Ideas


Lifting weights can make you look more toned and attractive in the mirror to a prospective or current partner. It also helps to increase your bone density and muscular strength!

Muscle-strengthening activities can help maintain muscle mass which is particularly important when you are on a weight-loss program like the keto diet.

There is an enormous range of weights on the market and finding one which suits how you like to work out is key to good health. 

Here is a range of different hand-held weights which we personally have used and/or still using.

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Coloured kettle bells
See it on HERE

We like these Tone Fitness Kettlebell Body Trainer Set because firstly, it comes in a set so you don’t need to spend excessively on individual purchases. Secondly, they are pretty and easy to use. The only issue is there is no abrasive grip so your hands may slip. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Coloured dumbells
See it on HERE on Amazon

This AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with StandOpens in a new tab. will fit perfectly into your home gym. Heavier weights are available here. We like the neoprene coating on each weight as it allow for a more secure grip.

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. adjustable dumbells
See more on HERE

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells are a premium product suitable for anybody looking to up their weight game. The reviews on this product are absolutely insane and far exceed any dumbbell on the market. The beauty with Bowlfex is it allows you to rapidly change from one weight to the next. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. hand and foot weights
Check it out on Amazon HERE.

These Ankle/Wrist Weights are often missed when people set up a home gym. Nordic Lifting make these beauties which are high quality, fully adjustable and super comfortable. Not only perfect for rehab after injury but also simply walking around the house to improve strength.

Battle Rope

Battle ropes are excellent for modifying your current strength routine by ‘surprising’ your muscles into making new gains. The rope creates tension and pushes your muscles to do more than what’s possible with basic weight training. 

Battle ropes burn my hips, bum and obliques like no other piece of equipment! These ropes will obviously not fit into everyone’s home gym due to the physical size. But consider going outside for this one and using the trees, power poles and even your car tire. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Battle rope
See it HERE on Amazon

Pro Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap KitOpens in a new tab. is a highly popular piece of gym equipment because it has a DuraMax Protective Sleeve meaning it doesn’t fry even when used on concrete. It’s high-quality and recommended for beginner to experienced gym-goers for a full body workout.

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is one of the most diverse pieces of fitness equipment you can add to your home gym. 

It helps users not only recover from injury, used commonly by physiotherapists, but it also aids in strength, balance, and coordination. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Medicine Ball
See it HERE on Amazon

AmazonBasics Medicine BallOpens in a new tab. is a simple yet effective design. It comes in a multitude of different sizes suitable for any need.  

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Medicine Ball
See HERE for more details. 

I love the SPRI Dual Grip Xerball Medicine Ball. The first time I used this was in a hotel gym and I was very impressed at the ease of use, slick design and quality of the product. The handles make for a more dynamic work out not possible with a basic medicine ball. 

SoloFit board

The board is twisted, putting you into the fat burning zone in just a few minutes per day. It helps improve balance, coordination and strength by toning your abs, legs, core and upper body!

The SoloFit BoardOpens in a new tab. is ideal for your home gym as a shift worker because it’s cheap, easily stored and enables a quick, full body workout before or after your shift.

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Simply Fit Board
See it on Amazon and watch the video to see how it works

Stability balls and BOSUs balls

Stability exercise balls add flair to your average workout. They support your back and spine health, strengthen your core and improve your balance.

Bosu balls are exercise balls cut in half and have a hard plastic base. It is an excellent tool to make traditional exercises more challenging for example, squats and push- ups. Bosu is especially beneficial for plyometric exercises.

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Exercise ball
See it HERE on Amazon

URBNFit Exercise Ball Opens in a new tab.will increase fitness, stability and balance at a rapid rate! This popular product includes a quick pump and instructions to get the most from your work out. You won’t find a better product for the price.  

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Bosu ball
See it HERE on Amazon

I actually prefer the Bosu Balance TrainerOpens in a new tab. in comparison to the stability balls because I appreciate the diversity of movements possible. Plus, it’s less awkward!

This Bosu trainer includes multiple DVD training and pump. 

Core + Abdominal Home Gym Equipment Ideas


I know I said socks make for great sliders, but there is a more sophisticated way to work out. Socks often slip because the surface area is too small and you hurt your hands and feet. 

Sliders or gliders, are round shape discs which can be placed under your hands and or feet. They are brilliant for stretching, hyperextended lunges and making average exercises burn like crazy.  

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Floor sliders
See them HERE on Amazon

iheartsynergee Power Core SlidersOpens in a new tab. are hugely popular because they are dual sided and can be used on carpet and hardwood floors.  

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Floor sliders
See them HERE on Amazon

Emopavy Resistance Bands Exercise Bands And Core Exercise SlidersOpens in a new tab. are a match made in heaven. These sliders are similar to the other variety listed but they also come with resistance bands to compliment your home work out. 

Ab roller

Adding a piece of abdo equipment to your home gym is absolutely essential. We love ab rollers (after we worked out how to use it) because it’s cheap, demands little space and is a killer workout!

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Ab roller
See it on Amazon here 

Stuck for space in your home gym? This Ab Wheel Roller looks stupidly simple but you’d be impressed with the workout you can get in a small space. Hello, six-pack! With a 5-star rating review, adding this ab roller into your home gym is a no-brainer. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Ab roller
Check it out HERE

The Fitness Ab Carver Pro RollerOpens in a new tab. has added resistance, shaped handles to contour your hands and provide a better grip. It is ultra wide, perfect when changing directions. If you’re wanting to tone fast, this is the piece of home gym equipment product you’ve been searching for. 

Foam Roller

We often see professional athletes rolling these foam, round cylinders over their legs and back to reduce tension and relax their muscles.

After or even during a work out your muscles can become tight and need to be massaged out. A foam roller is doing just that. Allowing safe and quick recovery of the muscles and assisting them to return to normal function. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Foam roller
See it on Amazon

This High-Density Round Foam RollerOpens in a new tab. is perfect for releasing tension and pain in problem areas. It’s much longer in length so you can use it over larger areas like your back and thighs. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Foam roller
See it HERE

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller Opens in a new a high-quality contoured foam roller that won’t break down or lose shape from repeated use. It comes with access to online training and instructions for use so you can get rolling immediately!

Environment Boosting Home Gym Equipment Ideas

 Cushioned flooring/Yoga Mat

Have you ever tried to complete a yoga routine and even perform a sit up on the hard floor in your house? It hurts!

Save the bruises and pain by investing in either a yoga mat which you can take with you on the job (if necessary) or use clever, cushioned floor tiles. These not only transform the look of any space but they are super comfortable to workout on. 

‘Home is Where My Mat Is’ Yoga Sling bag

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Yoga mat
See it HERE

BalanceFrom Go Yoga Mat with Carrying StrapOpens in a new tab. is a very high-quality yoga mat with thicker padding. Great for beginning yogi’s to break your fall! The only issue with this matt is that it may be difficult to complete advanced standing poses due to the thickness of the mat.  

Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Exercise Flooring
See it HERE on Amazon

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise MatOpens in a new tab. is perfect when creating a separate space for your home gym. You don’t need to worry about moving a yoga mat around depending on your exercise. These tiles interlock without issues, are heavy duty and very comfortable when performing floor exercises. 

Adjustable bench

No home gym is complete with a workout bench. Complete your variable weight routine and perform sit-ups among a range of another exercise. Adjustable benches can be used in cages, power racks and even for simple free weight routines.  

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Weight bench.
See it HERE

You need a solid place to perform your home weight workout and the Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Adjustable Weight BenchOpens in a new tab. is just that. Adjustable, durable and can be stored if need be.

Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Weight bench.
Check it out here on Amazon

Bowflex Adjustable Weight BenchOpens in a new tab. is a premium product perfect for shift workers looking for durability, comfort, and control of your workout. It is a perfect addition to any home workout space due to its small footprint. 

Accessories and Inspiration

Visual motivation and encouragement is so incredibly powerful when working out. Even moreso in the middle of a run of night shifts! Deck out your home gym with images, stickers and paintings which help you reach your health goals.

You’ll thank me later for suggesting these inspirational, yet practical home gym sources of motivation!

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Never give up sign
Get it HERE

Never give up stickerOpens in a new tab. is discreet enough to hide from guests you’re entertaining but big enough to inspire another rep. 

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Just don't Quit
See it HERE on Amazon

‘JUST DONT QUIT’ motivational vinyl sticker is clever, witty and inspiring. Perfect for your home gym when your tired and physically exhausted!

16 Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas for Busy People. Womens leggings
Check them out HERE

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga PantsOpens in a new tab. are the perfect workout leggings and I don’t say that lightly. High waisted, tight everywhere plus a pocket for your phone. They are a must-have for women wanting to feel comfortable throughout the workout. 

Nobody likes to workout and hear nothing but their own heavy breath! Turn up the beats with the Echo Dot – Smart speaker with Alexa, It’s so much more than a speaker. 

Check it out HERE

Setting up the ultimate home gym then enjoying the health incredible benefits IS possible. Even if you’re an incredibly busy shift worker!

Settling on the perfect home gym equipment that suits your specific needs takes thorough consideration of your personal goals, medical history and any previous injuries.

Understanding what you want to get out of your workout will help you set up and choose products which best suit your needs. 

Have fun designing and setting up your home gym, even if you’re a minimalist on a budget!

We hope you enjoyed this article about the best home gym equipment ideas! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about working out at home.


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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure and privacy statement for more info.

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