The Essential Guide to Conquering Shift Work

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The Essential Guide To Conquering Shift Work - The Other Shift

Shift workers, do you want to maintain regular exercise, sustain your important relationships, sleep and eat well and still have time to do the fun things?

Well, of course, you do!

We have produced the ultimate shift work guide, full of tips, tricks, and advice for all shift workers. We have a combined 10 years of experience as shift workers, conquering permanent night shift to rotating rosters and every strange shift schedule in between. Over this time, we discovered what is essential to get the most out of shift work and are excited to share this with you.

This guide was written by shift workers, for the shift worker and we are certain you will love it.

Shift work can be challenging like any job but if us shift workers stick together we will be alright, ya’ll!

The Essential Guide to Conquering Shift Work
The Essential Guide to Conquering Shift Work

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2 thoughts on “The Essential Guide to Conquering Shift Work

  1. Hi – I was wondering if there’s a downloadable version of the Conquering Shift Work help sheet? I’m temping in a hospital, and have been asked to create some welcome packs for newly registered nurses – things like a mug, notebook, pen, welcome card from matron, etc. The Assistant Director of Nursing who asked me, saw some similar packs done in another hospital that also included some info sheets and one of them was the shift work one – I Googled it and found your website, and I was wondering how I could get something that I could print out and include? (obviously still with the name of The Other Shift on it, so they know who created it and where to go for more advice!).

    Many thanks!

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