5 Impressive Date Ideas For Those Working Opposite Shifts

Shift workers, do you get into a ‘hot mess’ when trying to plan a date which is unique, yet personal?

Dates are hard to plan for the best of us, let alone a shift worker who’s in a relationship with someone who works opposite shifts.

5 Impressive Date Ideas For Those Working Opposite Shifts

Over the years, Dan and I have needed to continually adapt our relationship depending on each other’s schedules.

Don’t fear, however, as planning and executing the perfect date as a shift worker is within reach and listed below are our insights to give you a helping hand. Here are 5 Impressive Date Ideas for Those Working Opposite Shifts.

1. Watch The Sunrise Together

If you work the night shift you may have seen your fair share of sunrises and now sadly don’t think much of it. You might have forgotten, but watching the beautiful colors change and evolve can be pretty special and very romantic.

After night shift why not meet your partner where you know there is a gorgeous view and watch the sunrise together. Bring some breakfast snacks and enjoy the serenity for an hour before heading off to bed.

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5 Impressive Date Ideas For Those Working Opposite Shifts ​- Man and Women sitting on rocks watching sun rise - The Other Shift

2. Cook Together

This date idea is one that we never truly appreciated until we tried it. Settling on a cuisine is always the hardest part, but once chosen, put on your favorite tune, enjoy each others company and impressive, cooking flair (even if this is a continual work in progress!).

This date idea is great fun, a cost saver and super positive for one party that may not want to get dressed up when they have just awoken from their slumber.

3. Breakfast and Lunch Dates

Utilizing the early hours of the day is gold. Meeting for breakfast after a night shift (if you can stay awake) or meeting your partner/date for a meal and coffee before they start work is ideal.

Do you have a mid-week day off or starting later in the afternoon? Try meeting your partner or date for a delicious lunch while they take their lunch break.

5 Impressive Date Ideas for Shift Workers - Women smiling looking at man in cafe with coffee on table - The Other Shift

4. Midweek Dinner Dates

Utilize the time before you start night shift or after you have finished the early/1st shift. Why not catch up for an afternoon drink or an early dinner around their workplace?

Knowing your partner is catching up with you after work will be the highlight of their day and yours.

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5. Order in Your Favorite Cuisine

You might really loath point 1, or have a young family and leaving the house isn’t an option.  Try ordering in your favorite cuisine and have it delivered to your door. You could still light some candles, stream some classic tunes and create that romance in the comfort of your living room.

Yes, it’s your natural habitat, but it doesn’t take much to make it special for your other half.

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5 Impressive Date Ideas for Shift Workers - two glasses and bottle of wine of the coffee table - The other Shift

Summary: 5 Impressive Date Ideas For Those Working Opposite Shifts

Dating as a shift worker is absolutely possible and has its perks, it just looks different from our 9 -5 mates.

Whether you are in a relationship or trying to date somebody working opposite shifts, all it takes is to utilize unusual times of the day and of course a little communication. This may mean getting up earlier or going to bed a little later, but your efforts will be rewarded tenfold.

If you need a little more inspiration regarding relationships and working opposite schedules you will enjoy reading – How To Keep Your Relationship Alive When Working Opposite Shifts.

Do you have any more ideas? We want to know and try them too!

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