Swanwick’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review: Do They Work?

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When was the last time you slept for 7 – 9 hours consistently? Actually, when was the last time you did it for an entire week?

My guess, not too many of you!

But why is that?

Maybe you’re a night shift worker and struggling with the noisy daytime traffic? Are you wired from your shift and cannot ‘switch off’? Or perhaps it’s because of something else entirely?

em and dan swannies

Did you ever consider that your phone, TV or bedside lamp could be the problem?

It seems nuts I know. These technologies, unbeknown to you, are playing games with your sleep hormones like melatonin and your bodies biological clock.

This clock is tightly controlled by light, not only coming from the sun, but also from devices such as your cell phone and TV. Ekk!

We no longer live in the Stone Age without electricity, so you’re probably thinking what are we really supposed to do when this blue light is everywhere?

Sitting in a dark room under candlelight is one option, however not overly practical.

What about wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses and eliminate it from reaching your brain altogether? Now that’s an idea!

Swanwick Sleep blue light blocking glasses or “Swannies” as they are commonly known to do just that through their orange lenses.

We firmly believe this innovative idea is a game-changer in our shift-working worlds and we thought an honest review was timely to tell you all about it.

Be prepared because these glasses will change your world. Period.

Swanwick Sleep’s, “Swannies” Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

Who is Swanwick Sleep?

Swanwick Sleep is an Australian company (who distribute globally) that was founded back in 2015 by brothers,  Tristan and James Swanwick.

The original idea to start a blue light blocking glasses company came from James, who in particular was having trouble sleeping.

He started looking for something to block out the blue light, an identified problem for him and witnessed only ugly looking spectacles like ski and worksite construction safety goggles.

Modern looking brands didn’t block enough blue light for his liking, so the two brothers meshed their dreams and ideas together and decided to make their own.

Leading to their launch of Swanwick Sleep in 2015.

Now, the Swanwick team and product range has grown significantly to include not only adult “Swannies” but also sleep masks, sleep supplements, essential diffusers and even kids sunglasses, which you can check out here.

What Are Swanwick Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses and How Do They Work?

Swannies Glasses appear like your average pair of reading glasses but fitted with amber lenses instead.

These lenses are not just orange in color.

They have a blue light anti-reflective coating, blocking the highest percentage of blue light unlike anyone else in the market.

This means melatonin, as we discussed earlier, can still be naturally produced which signals for the body to commence sleep preparation despite using our devices.

According to their website, ‘Swannies Glasses block the blue light wavelength emitted from all light-emitting electronic devices and artificial lighting’.

Here is a video that explains Swanwick Sleep’s glasses brilliantly! 

Let’s talk more about this blue light for a second

Our body clock is constantly trying to tell the time by using light to dictate what it’s supposed to do next.

When the sun goes down and darkness is detected, our body starts to prepare for sleep by releasing sleep hormones like melatonin from the pineal gland, among other bodily processes.

Then, when the sun rises and the body detects light, melatonin dissipates and we wake up.
Sounds simple right?

But what happens if the light never stops, even when it’s dark outside?

The blue light streaming from our devices and lighting within our homes is a very short wavelength that tricks our sleep hormones into thinking it’s still daytime.

This inhibits the body’s ability to naturally produce the sleep hormones it needs, resulting in difficulty sleeping and staying asleep.

The long-term, detrimental effects of blue light exposure have been reported as an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity and certain types of cancers. Plus, eye-related conditions like macular degeneration. No thanks.

Dan, pass me some of those glasses, would you please?

Dan wearing blue light blocking glasses watching TV
Dan and his Swannies!

“Night Shifter” Blue Light Glasses Review

We will review the adult, blue light blocking glasses by Swanwick Sleep, specifically the popular Black Classic and the Tortoise Shell Classic frames which we are wearing in the image above.

There are 8 main points in my eyes, which have Swannies the clear winner of the blue light blocking glasses market.

They Work! 

It did take me a day or two to get comfortable wearing them as I have never worn glasses before, but the results were insane.
I immediately noticed the reduced strain on my eyes, which I commonly get from looking at a screen too long. But most importantly, I fell asleep quicker and slept through the entire night without waking up. I now don’t wake up feeling groggy, ever.

The Innovative Lens Is Where the Magic Happens

They are 100% UV rated and have anti-glare properties on both sides of the lenses. Plus, they block out the entire blue light spectrum, not just part of it like some cheaper brands.

The Quality of the Frame and Hinges Are Impressive

They are lightweight but still sturdy and don’t appear flimsy like some others I have tried.

The plastic frames are derived from cotton fibers and wood pulp meaning they are a renewable, environmentally-friendly plastic and different from the petroleum-based plastics you see on the market.

The spring hinges are also a little more chunky (as seen in the image below) in comparison to reading glasses Dan has used in the past. I’m hoping this means longevity…

They Are Registered With the Food and Drug Administration (Fda)

Which is not always the case with blue light blocking glasses!

They Are Comfortable and Light-Weight

I totally forgot I was wearing them after the first 10 minutes!

The high comfort level has also proven to assist those gamers amongst us, playing for hours on end.

Gaming is not my thing, though I’ve had positive feedback from those who do, stating computer glasses – like Swanwick’s are the absolute bomb!

The Lenses Are a Deep Orange Color

Which is darker than I thought they were going to be.

Other brands I’ve used with lighter lenses, caused me to strain my eyes after using my device or simply reading with a bedside lamp for an extended period. When using my Swannies, this wasn’t the case.

Quality Packaging, Quick Delivery Time and Excellent Customer Service

All glasses come with a black microfiber cleaning cloth, material case with drawstring, small cardboard box with a lid and care instructions.

Prescription Swannies Are Also Available

Swannies come with the same blue light blocking principles and take only 10 -14 days to be produced.

Swanwick Sleep glasses inner frame and hinges

Things to Be Aware of When Buying Blue Light Blocking, ‘Night Shift Glasses’

Colors are Weird

When designing and creating different images on my computer, I wasn’t able to identify and match specific colors due to the distinct orange tint.

This made completing my blog work tricky but by simply lifting them up for a few seconds to check I was on track was manageable for me.

Wide Hinges

The two pairs we use have wide hinges and may fall off a small head.

But according to their care package, the flexible frames can be easily adjusted by an eyewear professional or optometrist.

You Get What You Pay for

These glasses are in the higher price point, but in this case, you absolutely have value for money.

They block out the entire spectrum of blue light unlike their competitors and are made of high-quality materials.

Well worth the few extra $ in our opinion!

Summary: Swanwick’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review: Do They Work?

Did using Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses improve our sleep?


After 2-3 days, we saw a significant improvement in how quickly we fell asleep and an increase in the quality of sleep we were able to get.

It took some time to get accustomed to wearing them, but they now form a part of our nightly (sometimes morning) routine. 

Em wearing swannies after night shift

Want to Start Sleeping Better?

Click here to check out the Swanwick Sleep website and explore the other amazing sleep aids on offer.

Dan and I firmly believe in the products we recommend to you and the companies we partner with.

The Swanwick team is a super professional organization with timely and friendly customer service, who produce quality, impressive glasses that actually work.

We tried and tested a number of blue light blocking products on the market and we can say wholeheartedly, these are the best. They come with a 100% money-back guarantee so why not give them a go tonight? 

Be bold. Go orange!

Shift workers, if you’re looking for a simple, natural way to wind down after a long shift and sleep soundly, Swannies are well worth the investment. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Tristan and James Swanwick, blue light blocking glasses! 

Please feel free to leave us a comment below this article!

Happy snoozing!

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure and privacy statement for more info.

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2 thoughts on “Swanwick’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review: Do They Work?

  1. Do you wear them at work for your entire night shift or do you just wear them for a short period of time before you go to sleep?

    1. Hi Bethany,
      No. I wear the orange ones only once I get home from a night shift or when on a day shift/day off. I wear them about 2 hours before I intend on going to sleep. During the night whilst at work you could consider wearing the “day” blue light blocking glasses that block out less of the blue light but will not put you to sleep.
      Hope this helps.

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