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G’day Mate!!

Welcome to The Other Shift or the shift that you’ll be excited to get up for.  

Who are we?

We are Emma and Daniel, an Aussie couple, who split time between “Down Under” and the United States. Albeit Aussies at heart, we love experiencing the real American culture, meeting people from across the globe, and having a life that regularly throws us out of our comfort zone!

And we know a thing or two about shift work too!

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Why The Other Shift?

We wanted to create a special place for shift workers like ourselves who might be battling sleep fatigue, struggling to exercise and stay healthy, or finding the right balance between ‘you time’ and managing your relationships.

Our sole mission here at The Other Shift is to help you be a happy, healthy shift worker who’s firmly in control of your irregular schedule.

The Other Shift gives you an inside look through our blogs, YouTube and social channels, at how we keep our sanity despite ever-changing schedules.

We’re excited to show you that it’s possible to do shift work and thrive in most things outside the office.

Sure, there are times when favorite activities get bumped for some much-needed zzz’s — but we’ll teach you to find the silver lining in this unique life we’ve chosen.

Our information is full of raw experience, formatted just for you: No wordy text, videos that get right to the point, and visuals to catch those sleepy eyes before dreaming of that next vacation.

How we can help

From our newest shift workers to the veterans among us, we have an extensive blog which is guaranteed to cater for all. But feel free to contact us if we are missing anything!

If you are new to the whole shift work world then a great place to start is by checking out our infographic here – The Essential Guide to Conquering Shift Work and also exploring the Top 10 Essential Tips For New Shift Workers

If you need help getting into the swing of night shift, you’ll want to check out the following posts to get you started:

If you’re having some sleeping issues, you might want to consider investing in a few sleeping aids. We can’t sleep without them!

Here is a list of our favorites –10 Must-Have Night Shift Sleep Aids for a Heavenly Sleep

Or if are you looking for different ways to be healthy, eat the right foods and exercise regularly while working your unusual schedule.

We have you covered.

Try reading our popular posts:

There’s plenty more where that came from such as relationship tips, killer roster suggestions, gift ideas and healthy meal plans just to name a few.

For the nurses, I have also created a New Nurse Survival Kit which is jam-packed with all the advice I wish I had received. You can find it here.

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We really appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

If The Other Shift can answer even the smallest of your questions and bring some happiness back into your day, then we go to bed (whatever time that may be) extremely satisfied. 

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“All my friends are really living you know, having babies and travelling the world, while I am just over here, in my pyjamas again eating take out at 2pm”

….Every shift worker at some point

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