Are you considering joining the police force, but have no idea about the fitness level required to complete the job? How can you go about preparing your body and mind to be successful in getting through academy triaining? The Other Shift provides you with a baseline understanding of fitness in the force and how you can go about achieving great results.
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#policetips #policewomenIf Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons is what you envision a police officers pysique looks like in todays force, then you've not completed your research very well. There's a level of fitness that's required to perform the role and should you be new to this line of work, our article is a great start to understand the commitment level to suceed. 
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#policeacademytraining #policefitnessAre you struggling with your prep for the upcoming police academy intake? Placing yourself in a good headspace, peak physical condition and eating sustainably will all go a long way to helping you achieve your career goals. So if you need a small piece of added motivation or a questions answered, then our article could be the perfect place. 
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