Factory work is darn tough! Poor ventilation, often questionable conditions and enough chemicals floating up your nose you can't smell anything else for days!! We see you, we hear you and want to help. This post dives into how you can improve your own situation as a factory worker. Focusing on some changes you can make to your mindset and also your physical space to make things better you and consequently your family. Member of the working class | #industrialworker #lunchbucketworkerWithout factory workers, we certainly wouldn't be living in a world where we have instant access to pretty much anything we could possibly want at any moment of the day. And Amazon wouldn't be able to deliver goods within hour of the order being received that's for sure! However, working in a factory can really take its toll on your mental health. Our post aims to help identify the aspects of your job which are getting you down and what you can do about it. working for a bad boss #labor Are you a hard working industrial worker that is feeling depressed about work? We are fellow shift workers and also work the night shift and we want to help. While we can't give you a better boss or provide snacks in the lunch room I think we can offer a few tips to help change your perspective. work is killing me | work is not life | work mindfulness | #employee #hand #laborer #nonofficeworker #factoryworker #ihatework