The Easiest Way To Get Better Sleep As A Shift Worker

The Dalai Lama once said, ‘sleep is the best meditation’. Doesn’t that sound beautifully peaceful and attractive after a long shift?

The problem we face as shift workers though, as you may have already figured out, is actually getting to sleep.

The Easiest Way to get better sleep as a shift worker
The Easiest way to get better sleep as a shift worker

One common method used to overcome this sleep quandary and to really “wind down” is scrolling through our devices in bed. 

Flicking through our social networks, checking emails and staying connected 24/7, has become a priority and happens almost subconsciously. It’s crazy and we hate to admit it, but we appear to be mirroring children who tuck their teddies into bed each night.

The excuse of having to set an alarm is one thing, but remember there are old fashion alarm clocks that can help take care of that for us. 

So here is a big secret to improving your nightly sleeping patterns


Put Down Your Device

See shift workers, we told you it was easy! Well actually, we know it’s not that straightforward at all, but this one is well worth the effort!

The aggressive blue light streaming from your phone is playing havoc with your brain.

You are unknowingly sending very confusing messages to the hormones such as melatonin controlling your sleep cycle and overall circadian rhythm. 

If there is any detection of light from the sun or your device, these special sleep hormones will stop being produced and keep you awake. Yikes!

The Easiest Way to Get Better Sleep as a Shift Worker - Man talking into can with string - The Other Shift

Let’s go back to the good old days without the scary blue light! 


Shift Workers – “Off the Grid” 

Approximately an hour before bedtime put your device down. Your phone, computer or tablet and charge it in another room from where you sleep. Allow your body to wind down properly and for those melatonin hormones to do their thing. 

This will also free up extra quality time to spend with friends and family. It’s important to stay busy too, as the temptation and need to keep connected will be ever-present. Try reading Secrets To The Perfect Post Night Shift Routine for tips on how to keep yourself busy. 

A friend of ours recently made this change and the impact on his family life was huge, outside of the sleep benefits.

Imagine the difference it could make in your life?


Could you do it? What strategies did you use?  We understand this is a tough one and maybe a work in progress, so maybe try activating night shift mode first? Read more about it here – Activating Night Shift Mode Actually Leads to Better Sleep

We would love to know how you went, so please comment or email us through the contact link below. 


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