Shift Work Humor – 20 Memes To Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Shift workers have it tough at times. Working in industries that never sleep, eating at all hours of the day and even missing major social events and holidays because you guessed it – duty calls! So we decided to inject some shift work humor into your lives to put a smile on your dial.

Shift work humor can play a big part in a persons mental health. Laughter is viewed by some as a natural medicine, as it triggers positive physical and emotional changes in the body and has even been deemed to strengthen your immune system, boost mood, diminish pain and alleviate stress.

When you are scheduled to work, there is typically little you can do to have that adjusted. So why not see the funny side of working that specific shift, have a laugh and just grin and bear it?

I know it’s unfair as I’ve been there with you! I didn’t want to wear my Christmas hat and annoying flashing tinsel badge, trying to consult patients who are beside themselves because they’re likely to miss Christmas lunch. But patients don’t decide to not get sick because Santa’s in town, so you someone has to play the role.

Now, albeit we’ve mentioned some of the downsides to being a shift worker, don’t forget we have our fair share of freedom too! So this article is to help you when you have a moment of weakness and can’t quite see the positives.

Before we jump into our top 20 memes that will have you laughing out loud, don’t forget you can also bring a smile to the workplace with this very stylish shift work humor t-shirts. A few of them might be better suited to the home, but depending on the strictness of your workplace, you might get by.

Enough of the preamble…Here are the 20 best shift working memes, quotes and videos to make you laugh out loud and bring a smile to the shift you may not really feel like doing today, but you don’t have a choice!

You’re Welcome. Enjoy!

Shift Work Humor – No. 1


Shift Work Humor – No. 2

Everyone's traveling, getting engaged, and having babies... I'm just over  here trying to survive night shift and not get fa… | Ecards funny, Haha  funny, Bones funny


Shift Work Humor – No. 3


Shift Work Humor – No. 4


Shift Work Humor – No. 5


Shift Work Humor – No. 6



Shift Work Humor – No. 7


Shift Work Humor – No. 8

Should i sleep or should i shower? | Medical humor, Nurse humor, Greys  anatomy


Shift Work Humor – No. 9


Shift Work Humor – No. 10

end of your night shift and find yourself heading back home in no time.


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Shift Work Humor – No. 11


Shift Work Humor – No. 12


Shift Work Humor – No. 13


Shift Work Humor – No. 14

Night shift workers on vacation be like


Shift Work Humor – No. 15


Shift Work Humor – No. 16


Shift Work Humor – No. 17


Shift Work Humor – No. 18

Hilarious Shift Work Quotes about Working the Holidays _


Shift Work Humor – No. 19


Shift Work Humor – No. 20


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Summary: Shift Work Humor – 20 Memes To Make You Laugh Out Loud!

That’s a wrap and we hope you had a large chuckle from viewing / watching our humorous list.

Rose from Titanic takes the cake for me, as working the festive season is all too common in our household!

However, do let me know in the comments below what provided you with the biggest laugh or feel free to share other shift working funnies.

If you’d like some help with aspects of your shift working lives – think food, exercise, sleep or relationships, then be sure to check out the rest of our website for practical tips and advice.

We appreciate the long hours all shift workers put in over the world and if we can bring a smile to you on a day when you might not be feeling it, then we’ve done our job here today!


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