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Selecting the right insulated tumbler to suit your shift working needs can be a process! With so many products on the market, you don’t want to deal with the trial and error of crappy closing lids and coffee spilling on your uniform – this can be frustrating and embarrassing. 

As shift workers, we need caffeine to survive, right? And no… I’m not being dramatic.

But what is truly the best cup/tumbler/insulated thermos to house your precious caffeinated gold?

BEAST Tumbler Review | It's always tricky trying to find the perfect tumbler cup to suit your needs. Here is our video review on the BEAST 30 oz tumbler and why we love it. | | #tumblercups #shiftworkmeals #nightshiftcoffee #survivingnightshift #BEASTtumbler
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We need something that is sturdy, has a good closing lid, keeps our drinks both hot and cold for an extended period (those night shifts are long ya’ll!) and doesn’t cost an arm-and-leg to buy.

After a long and sometimes messy process, we have discovered the BEAST Tumbler. 

It has all the things we want, plus SO much more. The good news for you, we sum up all the benefits throughout this blog post.

BEAST 30 oz Insulated Tumbler Review

Here Are 8 Reasons Why the BEAST Tumbler is The Only Insulated tumbler you Should Be Using…

(especially if you drink a lot of coffee or love your water chilled

1. Lifetime Guarantee

Yep! As I mentioned in the video and as stated on the Greens Steel Website, “All Greens Steel Products come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Pretty darn cool and not offered by anybody else out there. Just register your tumbler on their website after purchase and you’re all set.

It also comes with a 30-day refund policy which seems pretty standard.

2. Dishwasher Friendly

This is a rare, yet very special feature we totally love!

3. Comes With x2 Premium Unbreakable, Rust & Scratch-Proof Stainless Steel Straws

1 curved straw which is perfect for water, iced tea or coffee and the straight straw for thicker fluids like your favorite smoothie or shakes. They also throw in a straw cleaner to assist with making sure there is no leftover residue.

4. The Price Is Right

The BEAST 30 oz Tumbler is a touch cheaper than their competitors. If you’re not caught up about the brand, then this is a no-brainer.

See it on Amazon

There are also two sizes to suit your needs and budget – 30 oz (as featured on the video) and the 20 oz BEAST Tumbler (pictured below)

5. Keeps Your Hot Drinks Hot and Your Cold Drinks Cold – Even Overnight!

We love that the BEAST actually lives up to the hype and does what it says it will. If I put icy water mixed with lemon for flavor in my tumbler, the ice is still found 8 hours later!

My tea stays hot for my entire commute home, which can sometimes be up to 2 hours if the traffic is bad or I get caught up.

6. Clear Instructions Provided With the Beast on How to Clean the Lid and Tumbler Itself

Difficulties cleaning the lid is the EXACT problem I faced with another tumbler in past and that’s why I’m so thankful for this small gesture of including the instructions.

7. High-Quality Materials

It’s vacuum insulated, double-walled and made from the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel. To me, it feels strong, robust and well made.

It’s also advertised to be sweat and rust-resistant, which is cool if I happen to leave it in my car while I’m on a few days vacation…

It comes in a wide range of appealing colors and in a beautifully presented gift box that is completely recyclable.

What’s also a great add-on, which I found on Amazon, is the BEAST Handle for those who prefer something to hold when drinking your favorite cup! A picture tells a thousand words so this is what I’m talking about:

See it now on Amazon

8. “Splash Proof”

The lid is advertised as, “Sliding Spill-Resistant, Shatterproof Crystal Clear Straw Friendly BPA Free”… what a mouthful!

This means that if you fill your tumbler up with your favorite beverage, pop it in the car with the lid on and then walk into the shift holding your tumbler, it won’t leak.

If you are looking for a tumbler in which you can make a hot cup of coffee then simply throw it in your bag, there is a chance you could have a big spill to clean up. This is not a leak-proof lid and is simply ‘spill-proof’ which is important to know.

If you are looking for a leak-proof product, we recommend the Hydro Flask Leak Proof Sports Water BottleOpens in a new tab.. It has very similar properties to the BEAST but uses a different leak-proof lid. Check it out HERE.

Room for Improvement

In order to provide an unbiased review, here are a few items that could be improved, as voiced by other reviews and our own personal experience.

  • “The straws are too small”

I agree the smaller straw is smaller than, for example, a McDonald’s straw. However, we had no issues with drinking water, tea or coffee. There is a larger straw provided if you have trouble.

  • “I can’t clean the lid”

Greens Steel addressed this problem by providing users with printed instructions on how to clean the lid. I followed them exactly and had no issues.

  • “The lid pops off!”

A few of the other reviews I saw stated that when fizzy drinks or hot liquids were poured in and immediately the lid was closed, it popped off.

On the cleaning instructions provided by Greens Steel, there is a note stating you need to leave the lid slider open for 1-2 minutes before closing to prevent this from happening.

I have found that if you twist the top of the lid slightly after pouring in the liquid it acts as a “lock” and doesn’t pop off.

We’re Obsessed With Our BEAST Tumbler

No more buying plastic water bottles that hurt our precious environment and wallets! 

We are giving the BEAST Tumbler 4.5/5

Click here to check out the price on Amazon and see if it’s right for you

We hope you enjoyed this review about the 30 oz BEAST insulated tumbler. 

We are affiliates of the BEAST tumbler. This means that if you do purchase this awesome product, we get a very small commission that allows us to continue running this blog. We only recommend it because we love it and use it every day. 

Have you used the BEAST tumbler before? Did you love it? Let us know in the comments below.


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