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Over the last decade or so of being a registered nurse, I have tried so many watches. I mean so many. I’ve tried plastic FOB watches that were durable and could withstand being carelessly thrown in my nursing bag after a long shift. And I’ve tried wristwatches with a second hand that allowed me to accurately count a respiration rate unlike a lot of other nurses who just guess.

Though these watches did an okay job, they didn’t last long. Either the band snapped, the battery stopping working, or the entire watch just fell apart mid-shift leaving me feeling a bit naked without my trusty time keeper.

My Coluri Watch Review

The wristwatch can easily be converted into a FOB watch (and visa versa) in under 1 minute
The glass is a scratch resistant sapphire glass to protect the watch. Exactly what us nurses need!
Water resistance up to 5ATM. 
A generous 10-year warranty
30 day money back promise
Fair-trade production
Their designs are handcrafted from stainless steel and finished using a durable PVD plating
A whopping 30% of the profits go to women’s charities such as The Refugee Women’s Alliance, Womankind Worldwide and Women for Women International
Their ethos is all about encouraging self expression, giving back to those in need and standing up for what you believe in. I like that.
24/7 dedicated customer service. In my experience, the staff are beautiful to communicate with
Gorgeous packaging and easy to read colorful information booklet (That I actually enjoyed reading!)
Free shipping options worldwide
Areas To Improve
On the pricier side
An intricate process to changing over the bands in the beginning (but you quickly get the hang of it!)

Looking on Amazon? You won’t find it. You can only purchase through the Coluri Website

If you’d prefer to watch the Coluri review video I did instead, feel free to press play below! If not, continue on.

Do Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Need A Coluri Watch?

Do you need it? Probably not.

But do you want it because it’s practical (with a second hand), looks amazing, supports women’s charities and can be easily swapped into a wrist watch? Darn right you do.

Though it’s easy to find a cheaper watch from Walmart or Amazon that will essentially do the same job, it won’t last.

I know, I’ve tried them.

These cheaper watches usually don’t come with any kind of warranty leaving you to ask yourself, is it worth getting a new battery or replacing the band for a watch that costs more than the watch itself?

After working for a decade within healthcare, I am stick of buying cheap things for work that break too soon. This includes not only a watch but scrubs, stethoscope, drink bottles and nursing shoes. It’s time I splurged on myself and I am so happy I did.

On a side note, here are some nicer nursing gifts I recommend not only for your mates with a celebration approaching but also for yourself!

I chose the black face and rose gold bands. See what all the different colors mean here.

Who Are Coluri?

Their website doesn’t give you a great insight into who is actually behind Coluri. We don’t know where the company started or who owns it.

But what we do know is their watches are designed for women for women according to their website.

As a firm supporter of the lgbtqia+ community I personally think they are perfect for all, but that’s just me!

Their message for women is clear. “Be confident.” This is certainly an attribute I think more women need to adopt in their everyday life. Their brand celebrates the remarkable women who inspire our world which is something I admire and what makes this luxury watch brand stand out above the rest.

When buying a watch from Coluri I think you are not only buying a watch. You’re joining the passionate Coluri movement which is driving social change and awareness to target key issues of world inequality and poverty.

See, even shopping can do good for the world!

As mentioned earlier, Coluri donates 30% of profits to women’s charities. This aims to support and improving the lives of vulnerable women across the world.

They also mention they offer support in numerous other ways – from branding support, to event work and driving donations through our various channels.

Where Are Coluri Watches Designed And Made?

Their design teams are located in Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Their watch movements are made in Japan

Leather is sourced from Italy.

Their assembly partner in located in China

What I like particularly about the production of their watches is their high standards in regards to fair trade and equality standards. They state that, “all of our partners go through a strict due diligence process” which is probably not something you’d read on other major retailers websites.

What You Get With Coluri

  • Your watch/FOB watch
  • Simple, colorful instructional manual with pictures
  • Pretty dust label packaging
  • Black storage box
  • Band adjustment tool (if you purchased the watch)

Is Changing The Band Simple?

Like anything new, it’s hard to begin with, however after swapping it a small handful of times the process is simple. I do it in under 1 minute.

If you’ve got arthritis in your fingers and hands or exhausted after night shift, maybe ask a family member or friend to do it for you to avoid the frustration.

My only other tip is to store everything together. This includes all the boxes, information booklet, band adjustment tool and the bands not currently in use. It would be a pain in the butt if you lost something!

My Experience with My Coluri Watch

I love it.

The fact I can swap bands is my favorite part of the design. I wanted a new gold banded wrist watch but also needed a FOB watch for work and with this watch, I get both!

The interchangeability is so innovative and clever but doesn’t in any way make the watch look cheap.

Though you should be aware that if you want to buy the FOB watch and band, so you can alternate it, you will need to purchase both items. It can seem pricey, but as I alluded to earlier, it’s well worth it.

I appreciate the scratch glass too as I am little clumsy, often banging into things.

The face is a little smaller than I would normally go for (as I currently have The Horse watch) which is probably my only negative thing to say about it. I have included a picture below of my other watches so you get an idea of the face size.

As mentioned in the video, the FOB watch can pull on your shirt if it’s a thin material. To overcome this, either change your shirt if possible or pin the watch onto your lanyard if you wear one.

So would I recommend the Coluri watch/FOB watch to nurses, health professionals and anybody who is not permitted to wear a wristwatch or prefers one pinned to their shirt? YES!

Summary: Coluri Watch Review

There is only so much you can do to personalised your scrubs. You can wear patterned socks (such as these) or a jazzy pair of sneakers, but that’s about the extent of it. This watch makes you stand out, giving you and your patient’s something else to talk about.

Happy Shopping – Take me to Coluri!

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure and privacy statement for more info.

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