Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day: Work and be Romantic

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Is your shift working job separating you and your better half this upcoming Valentines Day?

Consider yourself lucky! Don’t get me wrong, Dan and I do get amongst the annual loved up celebration when we can, even though some deem it as a big waste of money and more a commercial, Hallmark celebration.

Valentine's Day for Shift Workers. Don't let your busy shift work schedule ruin your plans for romance! It just takes some organisation and a few sneaky romantic tricks | | #datenightinabox #nightshift #valentinesday #DateNightInBox

All jokes aside, Valentine’s Day is an incredible reminder for us shift workers to say thank you to those who support our interesting mood swings, make sure we don’t get sick, accept our irregular rosters and just ‘go-with’ our strange eating habits.   

I’ve noticed endless social media threads throughout this first part of the year, talking all things love, encouraging us to think outside the square and do something unexpected.

The difference though for us as shift workers is time doesn’t stop on the 14th February. We have to set our own Valentines day – shift work style.

Changing the date, utilizing different times of the day and planning something a little unusual is what we’re all about.

This post is all about how you and your partner can still enjoy Valentines Day even if you’re working. Doing something special for each other outside your norm, is pretty beautiful, even if it is a little forced.

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Why Shift Workers Should Care About Valentines Day

As mentioned earlier, Valentine’s Day makes the commercial world ecstatic every year!

Flowers protruding out of shop windows, balloons streaming from pop-up tents on the side of the road and the media is overwhelmed with people confessing their love publicly.

We tell ourselves we don’t want to fall for the trap of spending or “wasting” money, as Dan may have previously mentioned to me at some point.

But when the 14th February rolls around, the honest truth is, the loving atmosphere rub off on us! We want to be around our favorite people more than ever and to forget about shift work for a while. 

This Valentines Day, focus on those special people who put up with your ear piercing alarms, unusual schedules and have the most incredible patients to work as a team, even if you feel like ships-in-the-night. 

Don’t let your shift working schedule ruin the special experience for you and your spouse/partner or even your kids.

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Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day: How to Be Romantic Despite Having to Work

Us shift workers are ‘straight shooters’ right?

Here is a 6-point, no-fuss guide to being romantic this Valentine’s Day, even if you’re working

1. Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day: Know the Date

Due to our interesting rosters, we often change significant public and personal events like Christmas, Easter and Birthday’s to suit our personal needs.

Avoiding the chaos surrounding these events is a definite positive about shift work!

Valentines Day is no exception, which we will touch on later. BUT –  knowing the date and executing something extra special, when your loved one is not expecting it, will blow their socks off!

So here it is, write it down – February 14th

Start to think to yourself:

  • Am I working?
  • Do I have a free weekend before or after the 14th February?
  • What date and time are looking good to plan the perfect night/day/morning out or even a Date-in-a-box experience? (If you haven’t heard of Date Night In a Box, we are super excited to talk all about it later in this post. If you’re busting to find out, click on the image below).
Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day_ How to Work and be Romantic _ Date night in a box

2. Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day: Set Reminders

Our lives can get pretty messy. Particularly if we’ve missed a few hours of precious sleep due to a hectic schedule and we are trying to manage life feeling somewhat like a zombie. 

Guess what happens? We forget things!

Use the technology most of us rely on like your mobile phone and/or laptop computer and set reminders:

  • Set a reminder for the 7th February that Valentines Day is approaching. This is giving you a week to start thinking/preparing for an amazing idea.
  • Set a second reminder 11th February reminding yourself that you have only three days to get yourself organized (in case you forgot the previous step). Sounds silly but this three-day warning has saved my behind! 
  • Set the third reminder on the actual day – here is your moment to shine.

3. Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day: Make It Personal and Change the Date

As we mentioned earlier, don’t be afraid to change the date for Valentines Day. 


Just make sure it doesn’t become another date you continuously push back, never making it actually happen. It’s the perfect way to deflate your partner/spouse.

Just a word of advice, put yourself in their shoes for a second. They might be working a 9-5 job and will be surrounded by Valentine’s day stuff everywhere they look.

Despite potentially having something booked for the following weekend, they probably want something on the actual day. 

Yes, it may seem a little spoilt but it’s the truth.

I’m not talking about anything extravagant, but even a handwritten note with some flowers picked from your garden (or from the neighbors down the road) will go a long way.

Using cues and notes to say you love them, rather than simply texting is so much more romantic and will have a longer-lasting effect.

As for booking your Valentines Day date, here are some date ideas specifically for shift workers:

  • A home-cooked meal, not specifically on the weekend, with candles, music, wine enjoying your Date Night In A Box
  • Picnic on the beach to watch the sunset
  • Rooftop movie with cocktails
  • Take them to their favorite restaurant – not on the 14th February!
  • Sunrise breakfast with champagne after your night shift
  • Road trip, staying overnight at a cozy BNB
  • Take them to the drive-in
  • Drive to a lookout and enjoy a picnic while watching the sunset
  • Plan a hot air balloon ride for your days off (this is a little more on the fancy side. Look at Groupon for deals if money is tight)
Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day_ How to Work and be Romantic _ _ flowers, fruit and water

4. Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day: Be Organised

Adding some serious spark into your relationship this Valentine’s day is possible, even if you’re working the night shift.

On the 14th February here are a few sneaky tricks to get those spark flying – even if you don’t get a chance to see each other:

  • Flower delivery to their work on 14th February
  • Video recording of you saying exactly why you love them. Perfect for those shift workers who find themselves working remotely
  • Work with the kids and make a special sign/poster/food/handmade gift for their mum/dad
  • Send a Valentine’s Day card – It may seem like a boring thing to do but approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually! This makes Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas.
  • If you’re working the afternoon shift, prepare a slow cooked meal before you leave for work. Is there anything better than coming home to a delicious home-cooked meal after a busy day? Yes, maybe an actual date! But this is a close second. 
Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day_ How to Work and be Romantic _ heart shaped cookies

5. Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day: Prepare Food + Give a “Gift”

Prepare food:

If you don’t consider yourself much of a cook, why not use YouTube and simply follow somebody making exactly the same dish you’re trying to create? 

If this is a little stressful, why not bake something? Cookies, a cake, anything sweet. They typically require a handful of ingredients. If you can do shift work, I bet you can make a cake. 

Coming home to something your partner made or even attempted to make can be pretty sexy and equally romantic. It shows a different, diverse side of you which they may have never seen before.

Attach a handwritten note, like “you’re my butter half” or “you got a pizza my heart” and you’re sure to make a great impression! Find more here.

 Give a gift:

Just because there are flowers and heart-shaped cakes in every grocery store, it doesn’t mean your options stop there. 

Sure, I’m not ever refusing a bunch of beautiful flowers on Valentines Day. But I’m stoked when Dan thinks outside the heart-shaped box. 

Here are some non-traditional, cheap but special, Valentine’s day gift ideas:
  • Organize a Date-in-a-box night in
  • Cook/bake their favorite meal
  • Write them a letter saying how much you love them and why – not a text message, but an actual letter with a pen and paper
  • Prepare smores in a jar/cake in a jar
  • Candy/lolly bags 
  • Custom coffee mugs – You Are Irresistible His and Hers Coffee MugsOpens in a new tab.
Here are a few gift ideas which don’t require kitchen expertise
Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day_ How to Work and be Romantic _ _ personalised pillow cases
 – See it on Amazon
  • New towels / Bed Sheet SetOpens in a new tab.
  • Have that one or two things fixed which are broken around the house. Leaky tap, hole in wall, squeaky door, etc. It may not seem romantic but love is a very strange thing. 
  • Buy them a dog – Here is how to make it work as a shift worker
  • Here is an entire post about gifts ideas for that nurse in your life
Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day_ How to Work and be Romantic _ _ gifts for nurses

Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day_ How to Work and be Romantic _ _ flowers and note pad

6. Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day:  Don’t Compare

Shift work can seem a little harder during public events/holidays and Valentines Day is no exception.

If your new to shift work or a seasoned veteran, the key is to not to compare your situation to others. Particularly those on social media and ones spread wildly across billboards and newspapers through January and February. 

These stories are never as good as they seem. Make the most of the situation you find yourself in and do your best to spoil your partner/spouse.

Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day_ How to Work and be Romantic _ _ Date Night In A box

Bonus tip: Stay home and enjoy a Date Night In A Box!

What is it?

“Night In Boxes are the ultimate solution to enjoy an experience with a loved one from the comfort of your own home.”

Date Night in a Box is packed with everything you need for incredible dates. Activities, ambiance, music, snacks, recommended dinner menu and so much more.

You can purchase a once-only experience or sign up for a membership and get dinner menus, members-only sales and exclusive access to a supportive private community of Date Night In Seekers.

It’s delivered right to your doorstep so the only place you need to leave is the couch… For a slight moment! 

What’s included?

You’ll find numerous themed boxes available from ‘Adventure Together’, ‘Painted with Love,’ ‘To the Moon and Back’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’ just to name a few.

Every two boxes are never the same and the theme changes every month.

You’ll find everything you need to take a break from your shift work life while strengthening your relationship at the same time. 

Each date includes three or more activities, ambiance, music, delicious snacks and more…

There are now date boxes for Kids and even Faith boxes available for those wanting to incorporate their faith into their date night. Click on the image to explore more.

Shift Workers Guide to Valentines Day_ How to Work and be Romantic _ _ Date Night In A box

How to buy Date Night in a Box?

Click on the link HERE and choose your plan to create the perfect night in!

Free shipping in the US, International Shipping Rates may apply

Why buy now? 

Christmas can take a toll financially on so much of us, right? But you still want to do something special for Valentine’s day that doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet.

The average night out for two peoples costs over $100, so why not settle something half the cost and still have the BEST time? 

Shift workers! Embrace the hype this Valentine’s Day.

Have some fun and enjoy reconnecting with that special somebody in your life.

Love is everywhere particularly at this time of year, it’s hard to ignore, even if you want to. 

If you enjoyed this article on the shift workers guide to Valentines Day or have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!


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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please read our disclosure and privacy statement for more info.

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